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Complete Concrete Estimating Services
Provided by Integrity Concrete, Ltd.

Control and Reduce Labor Costs

  • No Employees to Hire, Fire, or pay Benefits
    By outsourcing your Estimating Services, you don’t have to pay medical or other company benefits that come with maintaining a fulltime employee.
  • No Work/No Pay
    You spend money only when it’s needed vs. paying a fulltime employee whether there’s work to be done or not.
  • Quantifiable Cost
    You only pay per square foot per plan. No more, no less, and no overtime! The estimating cost would be added to & covered in the budget.
  • No Training Costs and No Breach of Confidentiality
    No risk of an employee you’ve trained and invested in going to a competitor with your company’s private information. I provide an iron clad confidentiality agreement so that your company’s information is kept safe and confidential.

Control Construction Budget

  • Tighter Controls on Materials
    You get an exact lumber takeoff.
    You get an exact concrete takeoff.
    You get an exact reinforcing takeoff.
  • Tighter Controls on Labor
    You’re given a precise timeframe for slab completion.
    You’re provided with proven historical information so that you can hire the labor force you need to complete the job.

Why is this important? If subs do not provide enough labor to complete the job quickly and completely, the increased costs would erode your profit and tarnish your image. You don’t want: delays on the construction loan, an unhappy homeowner, or a poor slab finish resulting in you having to tear out the slab and start over.

Purchasing Evaluation

I have a broad network and good working relationship with all of the major Houston engineers. I would evaluate and determine which engineer would be the most cost effective for your particular slab. In addition, my extensive network and background knowledge of major material vendors gives me the ability to determine if you are using the best & most cost effective material suppliers.

With over a decade of experience in the industry:
CALL STAN HARRIS @ 281-598-8823